September 21, 2021

1/21/2019 – State of the State / Idaho’s revenue situation

Governor Little delivered his 2019 State of the State address and released his proposed budget. I was encouraged by his stated commitment to education and public lands (including meaningful proposed increases to teacher salaries and boosted funding for literacy programs). Unfortunately, due to last year’s tax cut and associated withholding problems, we are now facing a serious revenue shortfall, and within days of the address JFAC reduced the Governor’s revenue forecast by $93 million (and 6,000 federally employed Idahoans not receiving their paychecks due to the shutdown will not help our revenue situation). This shortfall makes it less likely we’ll be able to pursue all the investments outlined by the Governor. It also means you may be getting an unpleasant surprise in your April tax bill as many Idahoans have under-withheld under the new tax law. The Tax Commission has developed a new W-4 form, available here, which all employers are encouraged to switch to immediately.

1/17/2019 – Article: “Insurers now required to cover hearing aid costs for Idaho children”

  • Article Link: “Insurers now required to cover hearing aid costs for Idaho children”
  • Excerpt: A rule change passed by the Idaho Legislature on Thursday means that 1,000 Idaho families who have deaf or hard of hearing children, will soon no longer need to pay for hearing aids out of pocket. “Often this deafness is congenital, so it’ll hit a family hard,” House Assistant Minority Leader Ilana Rubel said. “They might have two or three or more kids who are deaf or hard of hearing, and so then not only do they have to come up with $5,000 a pair, they might have to come up with $15,000 to get pairs for all of their kids and that’s just more than families can handle.”

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