On Friday, Gov. Brad Little vetoed legislation seeking to trim the powers of the governor in disaster emergencies and increase those of the Legislature.

Both House Bill 135 and Senate Bill 1136 were opposed by the House and Senate Democrats.

House Democratic Leader Ilana Rubel said Little made the right choice to veto the two bills, and hopes he’ll do the same with Senate Bill 1110, which seeks to trim the power of the people.

“In emergencies, the speed of our response is a matter of life and death for Idahoans. It is critical that our executive branch can act swiftly and effectively, something that our legislative branch has not exactly modeled this session,” Rubel said following the announcement. “We hope that in addition to guarding the powers of the executive, however, that Gov. Little will protect the powers of the people he serves by vetoing SB1110, a bill that virtually eradicates citizens’ ballot initiative rights.”