November 30, 2021


Rep. Rubel serves on the following committees:

Public Education in Idaho

Idaho is at a crossroads on education. We are still about $100 million below our 2009 education budget, and there are 39 school districts that can’t afford to operate five days a week. It is past time to get serious about investing in our education system – if we don’t act now we are at risk of leaving our children unable to compete for the jobs of tomorrow.

Idaho is now 50th in the nation in family income and 50th in school funding. We need to change our strategy – now. I believe the first step is serious investment in our education system, starting with implementation of the reforms recommended by the Governor’s Task Force on Education.


Idaho Education Association

Health Care / Medicaid Expansion in Idaho

Idaho taxpayers have already lost at least $120 million through the Legislature’s rejection of federal funds for Medicaid expansion. There are 104,000 Idahoans that could have health insurance right now on the federal dime, but don’t, simply because we have not accepted these funds.

Every Chamber of Commerce in the state has recommended Medicaid expansion, as has the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, the state’s hospitals, Idaho Voices for Children and innumerable other constituencies. It is time for us to accept Medicaid expansion dollars so that Idahoans can get the coverage and the return on their tax dollars that they deserve. We cannot afford to keep throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars just to prove an ideological point.

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Idaho’s Economy

Ilana is focused on making Idaho a magnet for strong businesses and good jobs. To succeed, we must train a workforce with 21st century skills and continue to listen to the needs of Idaho businesses. Ilana regularly meets with businesspeople – large and small – to help facilitate their success.

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Open Space/Conservation in Idaho

Idaho’s rivers, mountains, forests and wildlife make this a unique and extraordinary place in which to live, camp, hike, raft, fish, hunt and recreate. Ilana will always fight to protect our wilderness, clean air and water, and access to open spaces. She has been a leader in the House of Representatives on wildlife conservation issues.

ID conservation voters logo“Representative Rubel is one of conservation’s greatest friends in the Idaho Legislature. She has been a consistent voice to keep Idaho’s water clean and protect our public lands.”
— JOHN T. REUTER | Director, Conservation Voters for Idaho


Civil Rights/Equality in Idaho

Ilana is a fervent advocate of Constitutional freedoms, and volunteer-teaches classes on the Constitution and Bill of Rights to Boise schoolkids. She co-sponsored the “Add the Words” bill, and believes that all our citizens are entitled to equal protection from discrimination.

Video: Rep. Rubel testifies for “Add The Words”